personal CHEF 


If you want homemade, fresh and tasty meals for your week, we should meet!  I will design a menu that fits your habits and your tastes. Based on the number of meals you want, I can come to your place to cook 1-3 times per week and I will take care of the shopping list, using only great products. 

I can cook for you, for example:  
- Soups or broth: lentils and lime soup; pho soup; cool cucumber soup; tomatoes gaspacho.
- Fresh salads: fattouche; taboulé; or my own recipes of mediterranean salads like one of my fave: quinoa strawberry - feta and mint.
- Slow cooked vegetables: ratatouille; caponata
- Steamed or roasted vegetables.
- Pasta sauces: bolognese; carbonara; basil pesto; arugala pesto; creamy mushrooms; oregano - tomato.
- Gratins: Moussaka; eggplant or zucchini gratin; gratin dauphinois.
- Cereals: Lebanese rice with lentils and fried onions.
- Cereals or legumes cooked with vegetables: vegetarian or not bolognese pasta; chili corn sin carne.
- Grilled or slow cooked meat.
- Grilled or steamed fish.